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10 thoughts on “About”

  1. I liked noddy when i was a toddler but now i am not so my favorite books are kiss goodnight sam,some tracey beaker ones,witch ones and loads of other ones

  2. i really like year 3 because it was really fun to have great teachers.by lexie 😀
    I found year 3 great becuase we got do to fun activities and who would have a better teacher.I also liked the school trip we had lots of fun and me and my freinds had a GREAT time!!! 😀 by madeleine
    I found the school trip GREAT and EXITING.the worst thing was when i lost my water bottle. :C but 😀 and :3 by lexie

  3. At Bolton School now…I’ve been there for nearly two weeks and I still can’t find my way round!I’m missing St. John’s now.. Especially the teachers.. Mrs farrow,Mrs davies and Mrs lee and mrs leese.at least I like my new teachers at high school they are alright I suppose.☺️

  4. Mr Thompson
    I have had loads of fun this year and I hope you will still be there when I move into year five and then into year six


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