Robins Bubble Week 4

This week we continued our Summer topic by thinking about the British Summer. We began making bird feeders for the school playground, looked at butterfly lifecycles and made models of them, and used natural resources from our playground to make some leaf art.
In English we have been writing the story of The Mouse and the Lion – we will be writing our own versions soon!

Robins Bubble Week 3

This week was the last week of our ‘Under the sea’ topic as part of the Summer theme. We did our normal maths challenges, researched and wrote a non chronological report about Octopuses, and completed lots of fun craft activities linked to sea creatures. Do you like our finished rockpools?

Robins Bubble Week 2

The robins bubble have enjoyed getting stuck into our summer topic by learning lots more about the ocean. This week we learned all about rockpools by watching David Attenborough, began to make some rockpool models, and made some sea creatures to go inside them. In PSHE we learned about what we can do if we are feeling worried. We read the worrysaurus and made our own worrysauruses to feed our worries to. We made some lovely Father’s day cards ready for Sunday. In English we wrote about a clip called ‘Bubbles’ and described the little girl’s journey. We also worked hard in maths using tens frames for addition. Here are some pictures of our fabulous week!

Robins Class Creative Science task

Summer is a great time for animals to be out enjoying the sunshine! But how many different types of animals do you know? Click the link below and see if you can sort the different animals into the correct animal kingdom!

There is a great link to some BBC Bitesize videos about animals to help you too!

Robins class Creative Blog Science

Or search ‘BBC Bitesize KS1 Science’

Maths Problems of the Day for KS1

I hope everyone is safe and well! If you are looking for a maths challenge for each day try out these problems. The answers are included so that you can check with your adult. You could try and see how many you get right over the week or share your favourite problem with others in your house!

I hope you enjoy solving them – some of them are a bit tricky!

Click below to download them

March Problems of the Day – Full Set with Answers