Parrots Home learning Week beginning 22nd June

Welcome to the start of another week and fingers crossed the weather is much better for us all this week. I hope you all had a great week and weekend and enjoyed Father’s Day with the special man in your life. What did you do to treat your dad or Grandad or special man in your life? We look forwards to welcoming some of you back to school today and it will be lovely to see you. If you have decided to stay at home I have added lots of fun learning activities for you to get on with.

How did you get on with the decimals work last week? This week we will be concentrating on Money. Remember to follow the links below to access all the lesson materials.

Monday: Pounds and pence – Video


Tuesday: Ordering Monday

Video Link:


Wednesday: Estimating money

Video Link:


Thursday: Solving Problems with money


Worksheet: Lesson-4-Four-operations


How did you all get on with the English tasks last week?

Did you write about the Magic Eggs or Underneath, or where you super busy and completed both tasks? Remember to send me your work as I would love to see what you have been doing.

One of this weeks English tasks is called ICE.

Question time!

What is causing this seemingly endless winter?

How do you think people will try and survive it?

Is the winter a bad thing for all of the creatures of the world?

What do you think this building was used for?

Where have its inhabitants gone?

Who do you think this statue depicts?

Story starter!

‘Winter is coming.’

People across the world had been saying it for years.

Now, winter had arrived, and its icy clutches were spreading. A wall of ice had been creeping over the face of the world, enveloping everything in its path, inch by frosty inch. Cities and villages, forests and rivers; all had been devoured by the ever-hungry cold. When would it all end? Would the sun ever shine again?


You might like to try this writing task too. Magnetised!

Question time!

Why has Macy not told anyone else about her power?

Why has she told her sister?

What power is it that Macy possesses?

How do you think Judith feels about Macy and her powers?

Why are the two children walking along the road at night?

How would you feel if you saw Macy performing this feat?

How might Macy use these powers in the future?

Would you like to have Macy’s power?

What problems might Macy face?


Perfect picture!

Think about the powers that Macy possesses.

Can you draw something else extraordinary that she can do?


Story starter!

Macy kept her powers secret. Not even her parents knew about the things she could do.

Macy had known from a very young age that she was different, and although she was fascinated by the magic that she possessed, it also frightened her.

Her younger sister, Judith, gripped her hand tightly. She was the only person that Macy had trusted with her secret, so far…


Good luck with your writing and remember to send me your writing so that I can share it on this blog.


How are you getting on with our topic of Summer? This week I would like you to go outside and look for evidence that Summer is on the way. Could you practice your sketching skills to draw some of the examples that you can find. Could you put all these into a collage/painting?


Have a great week and I look forwards to hearing about all the brilliant things that you have been up to .

Take care. Mrs Barr 🙂


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