Parrots Home Learning 29th June

Happy Monday Parrots. What have you all been up to last week?

This week we will be working on Statistics – graphs and tables. Follow the links below or log onto the White Rose website to get everything that you will need.

Lesson 1: Interpret charts

Video link:


Lesson 2: Comparison sum and difference

Video Link:


Lesson 3: Introducing Line graphs

Video Link:


Lesson 4 : Line Graphs

Video Link:


Remember that if you need any help, please send me an email.


Question time!

Can you continue the story of Batman’s evening off?

Does it turn out to be relaxing or does he have to go out and save lives?

Who is on the end of the phone?

Gotham City (where Batman lives) is a place where everyone always seems to be sad or in trouble. Do you think that in our world there is more happiness or sadness?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of something Batman might have done that day?

Story starter!

After work, Batman always called in at his favourite café in Gotham City. We all have different ways of relaxing; a game of sport, watching television, going for a bike-ride…Batman’s was enjoying a steaming hot cup of coffee whilst reading the newspaper.

Batman looked forward to having an evening off, however evenings off didn’t always tend be that relaxing.

Ring ring…Ring ring…Ring ring…There was a call from the phone behind the counter…


Question time!

Who are the team that are building the Lego structure?

What is it you think they are building?

Why do the team of builders need to work quickly?

How long do you think it will take them to finish?

Have you ever built anything before?

What skills must a builder possess?

What obstacles/challenges might the builders face?

Which of the builders do you think is in charge?

Where are their parents?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of what the house might look like when it’s finished?

Story starter!

As soon as their delivery of building materials had arrived, the team set off to work. It looked like the clouds in the distance were beginning to spit rain down at the sleeping countryside, so they knew they must work quickly and effectively. The team were confident however: this was not their first giant Lego structure…

Can you continue the story?

Alternatively, could you write a set of instructions on how to build a Lego structure?


This week you are going to choose your favourite holiday destination (preferable in another country) and you are going to compare the weather in both places. You could put the locations into and then create graphs of the weather, write a report about how they are different of even create your own weather map and film yourself being a weather reporter.

I would love to see some of your exciting work, so remember to email it to me. Have a great week. Mrs Barr:)

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