Final week of Home Learning Week beginning 13th July 2020

MATHS: Symmetry and Position

Lesson 1: Lines of Symmetry

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Lesson 2: Complete a symmetric figure

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Lesson 3 : Describe position

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Lesson 4: Draw on a grid

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Question time!

How important is technology to you?

How does technology affect our lives?

What are the 5 most important pieces of technology, in your opinion?

How would life be different without technology?

Does technology make you happy?

What does happiness mean? What really makes you happy?

If you could take a pill that would make you happy 100% of the time, would you take it?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of one way technology benefits us?

Story starter!

Imagine all of the technology in the world suddenly broke. How would you manage without ANY technology? Can you make a list of all the technology you use on a daily basis?

Writing ideas (Remember you can use a Pobble genre checklist and model texts)

Write instructions about how to survive a day without technology.

Write a diary entry about your normal day, but think of alternative activities to replace the ones that require technology.

Write a letter to a child living in Tudor England, describing to them the technology we have today and how we use it. You could even write a response!

Write a balanced argument about whether technology is good or bad for us.


Question time!

What was the noise that Michael heard?

What did he see under the bed?

What will happen next?

How did he feel when he first heard the noise?

How did he feel when he looked under the bed?

What time of day do you think it is?

Have you ever been frightened of anything?

Why do things seem more frightening at night?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of what Michael saw under the bed?

Story starter!

The scuttling noise had disturbed Michael, and he’d shot bolt upright in bed. After taking a deep breath, he flung himself onto the smooth wooden boards of his bedroom floor and took a peek…

Thank you for all your hard work during this difficult time and I look forwards to seeing you all in again in September.

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