Final week of Home Learning Week beginning 13th July 2020

MATHS: Symmetry and Position

Lesson 1: Lines of Symmetry

Video Link:


Lesson 2: Complete a symmetric figure

Video Link:


Lesson 3 : Describe position

Video Link;


Lesson 4: Draw on a grid

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Question time!

How important is technology to you?

How does technology affect our lives?

What are the 5 most important pieces of technology, in your opinion?

How would life be different without technology?

Does technology make you happy?

What does happiness mean? What really makes you happy?

If you could take a pill that would make you happy 100% of the time, would you take it?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of one way technology benefits us?

Story starter!

Imagine all of the technology in the world suddenly broke. How would you manage without ANY technology? Can you make a list of all the technology you use on a daily basis?

Writing ideas (Remember you can use a Pobble genre checklist and model texts)

Write instructions about how to survive a day without technology.

Write a diary entry about your normal day, but think of alternative activities to replace the ones that require technology.

Write a letter to a child living in Tudor England, describing to them the technology we have today and how we use it. You could even write a response!

Write a balanced argument about whether technology is good or bad for us.


Question time!

What was the noise that Michael heard?

What did he see under the bed?

What will happen next?

How did he feel when he first heard the noise?

How did he feel when he looked under the bed?

What time of day do you think it is?

Have you ever been frightened of anything?

Why do things seem more frightening at night?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of what Michael saw under the bed?

Story starter!

The scuttling noise had disturbed Michael, and he’d shot bolt upright in bed. After taking a deep breath, he flung himself onto the smooth wooden boards of his bedroom floor and took a peek…

Thank you for all your hard work during this difficult time and I look forwards to seeing you all in again in September.

Parrots Home Leaning Week beginning:5th July 2020


This week you will be continuing with work on Angles. As usual follow the video links and then work through the worksheet You don’t have to print the sheet out, you can just write the answers on a piece of paper.

Lesson 1: Identifying angles

Video Link:


Lessson 2: Compare and order angles

Video Link:


Lesson 3: Triangles

Video Link:


Lesson 4: Quadrilaterals

Video Link:



I have attached 2 English tasks this week again. You can choose which to do or it would be great if you could complete them both. Remember to send me your amazing work.

The Mysterious Door

Question time!

What will emerge from the tiny door?

How will the boy react to seeing it emerge?

‘The Borrowers’ is a book by Mary Norton about little people called ‘Borrowers’ who borrow things from people’s houses. What do you think the difference is between borrowing and stealing? Have you ever borrowed something, but then forgotten to give it back? Is that stealing?

If we borrow every single book from a library, is that borrowing? Is it still a library?

If I ask you if I can steal your pencil case and you say yes, is that stealing?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of what will emerge from the tiny door?

Story starter!

On a quiet day, you can sometimes hear them. Every now and then, there’s be a tapping or a scraping or a rustling from behind the door. Occasionally (if you’re patient enough to sit for the whole day and watch), movement can be glimpsed through the dark windows. Once, just once, the faint sound of whispering in hushed tones was heard.

The boy had spent his entire summer holidays wishing for something to emerge from the mysterious door. He had spent yet another sunny morning hiding in the tall grass at the bottom of his garden just staring at the door, hoping to catch a glimpse of something or someone extraordinary.

The moment he had been waiting for had finally arrived…The door began to slowly creak open…

Sentence challenge!

Can you use relative clauses to add extra information to a sentence using who, which, where, when, whose or that?

E.g. He could see the mysterious door at the bottom of the garden, which had troubled him for so long.

The young boy, who had been sitting there all morning, was delighted when the door began to open.

The tiny creature, whose eyes were the size of peas, emerged from the stone door.

The door, which___________, creaked slowly open.


Question time!

Why might books be forbidden in Barrowtown?

What is it that Lucy has discovered?

How do you think she is feeling?

What do you think would happen in the world if nobody could read?

What do you think Lucy will do with her newly discovered secret?

Do you think anyone else knows about the library?

How big do you think the library is?

If you could save one book in the entire world, what would it be?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of your favourite character from a book?

Story starter!

In Barrowtown, books were forbidden. There was a strict penalty given to anyone caught reading.

When Lucy wandered off on another of her adventures in the woods that morning, little did she know that she was about to make an extraordinary discovery…

Sentence challenge!

Imagine what the books in the library are like. Can you make a list of adjectives to describe them?

Can you use adjectives to improve this sentence?

Lucy picked up a book from the shelf, and carefully turned its pages.

Here are some non-screen activities you coud do to keep you busy too.


Did you and your family members have the Lockdown Sports day last week? I can’t wait to see the pictures. If you didn’t get round to it, why not do it this week. We did lots of the races in the Barr household and it was great fun.

Have another good week Parrots and I look forwards to seeing what you have all been upto.

Mrs Barr

Parrots Home Learning 29th June

Happy Monday Parrots. What have you all been up to last week?

This week we will be working on Statistics – graphs and tables. Follow the links below or log onto the White Rose website to get everything that you will need.

Lesson 1: Interpret charts

Video link:


Lesson 2: Comparison sum and difference

Video Link:


Lesson 3: Introducing Line graphs

Video Link:


Lesson 4 : Line Graphs

Video Link:


Remember that if you need any help, please send me an email.


Question time!

Can you continue the story of Batman’s evening off?

Does it turn out to be relaxing or does he have to go out and save lives?

Who is on the end of the phone?

Gotham City (where Batman lives) is a place where everyone always seems to be sad or in trouble. Do you think that in our world there is more happiness or sadness?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of something Batman might have done that day?

Story starter!

After work, Batman always called in at his favourite café in Gotham City. We all have different ways of relaxing; a game of sport, watching television, going for a bike-ride…Batman’s was enjoying a steaming hot cup of coffee whilst reading the newspaper.

Batman looked forward to having an evening off, however evenings off didn’t always tend be that relaxing.

Ring ring…Ring ring…Ring ring…There was a call from the phone behind the counter…


Question time!

Who are the team that are building the Lego structure?

What is it you think they are building?

Why do the team of builders need to work quickly?

How long do you think it will take them to finish?

Have you ever built anything before?

What skills must a builder possess?

What obstacles/challenges might the builders face?

Which of the builders do you think is in charge?

Where are their parents?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of what the house might look like when it’s finished?

Story starter!

As soon as their delivery of building materials had arrived, the team set off to work. It looked like the clouds in the distance were beginning to spit rain down at the sleeping countryside, so they knew they must work quickly and effectively. The team were confident however: this was not their first giant Lego structure…

Can you continue the story?

Alternatively, could you write a set of instructions on how to build a Lego structure?


This week you are going to choose your favourite holiday destination (preferable in another country) and you are going to compare the weather in both places. You could put the locations into and then create graphs of the weather, write a report about how they are different of even create your own weather map and film yourself being a weather reporter.

I would love to see some of your exciting work, so remember to email it to me. Have a great week. Mrs Barr:)

Parrots Home learning Week beginning 22nd June

Welcome to the start of another week and fingers crossed the weather is much better for us all this week. I hope you all had a great week and weekend and enjoyed Father’s Day with the special man in your life. What did you do to treat your dad or Grandad or special man in your life? We look forwards to welcoming some of you back to school today and it will be lovely to see you. If you have decided to stay at home I have added lots of fun learning activities for you to get on with.

How did you get on with the decimals work last week? This week we will be concentrating on Money. Remember to follow the links below to access all the lesson materials.

Monday: Pounds and pence – Video


Tuesday: Ordering Monday

Video Link:


Wednesday: Estimating money

Video Link:


Thursday: Solving Problems with money


Worksheet: Lesson-4-Four-operations


How did you all get on with the English tasks last week?

Did you write about the Magic Eggs or Underneath, or where you super busy and completed both tasks? Remember to send me your work as I would love to see what you have been doing.

One of this weeks English tasks is called ICE.

Question time!

What is causing this seemingly endless winter?

How do you think people will try and survive it?

Is the winter a bad thing for all of the creatures of the world?

What do you think this building was used for?

Where have its inhabitants gone?

Who do you think this statue depicts?

Story starter!

‘Winter is coming.’

People across the world had been saying it for years.

Now, winter had arrived, and its icy clutches were spreading. A wall of ice had been creeping over the face of the world, enveloping everything in its path, inch by frosty inch. Cities and villages, forests and rivers; all had been devoured by the ever-hungry cold. When would it all end? Would the sun ever shine again?


You might like to try this writing task too. Magnetised!

Question time!

Why has Macy not told anyone else about her power?

Why has she told her sister?

What power is it that Macy possesses?

How do you think Judith feels about Macy and her powers?

Why are the two children walking along the road at night?

How would you feel if you saw Macy performing this feat?

How might Macy use these powers in the future?

Would you like to have Macy’s power?

What problems might Macy face?


Perfect picture!

Think about the powers that Macy possesses.

Can you draw something else extraordinary that she can do?


Story starter!

Macy kept her powers secret. Not even her parents knew about the things she could do.

Macy had known from a very young age that she was different, and although she was fascinated by the magic that she possessed, it also frightened her.

Her younger sister, Judith, gripped her hand tightly. She was the only person that Macy had trusted with her secret, so far…


Good luck with your writing and remember to send me your writing so that I can share it on this blog.


How are you getting on with our topic of Summer? This week I would like you to go outside and look for evidence that Summer is on the way. Could you practice your sketching skills to draw some of the examples that you can find. Could you put all these into a collage/painting?


Have a great week and I look forwards to hearing about all the brilliant things that you have been up to .

Take care. Mrs Barr 🙂


Parrots Home Learning Week beginning 15th June 2020

HI Parrots! I hope you have all had a busy and fun filled week. I received a lovely email from Ben’s mum telling me all about the exciting Space work he has completed. Well done Ben and keep up the good work.


In Maths this week you are going to continue with your work on decimals.  Follow the link for the White Rose Maths resources for Year 4 Week 8

Lesson 1 : Writing decimals. Video link

Worksheet :

Lesson 2: Compare decimals. Video link


Lesson 3: Order decimals. Video link


Lesson 4: Round decimals. Video link


Good luck with your decimals work. Remember to get in touch if you need any more help.

ENGLISH:                                                                                                                            MAGICAL EGGS

Question time!

What is it that you think the man holds in his hands?

Where did he get them from?

What clues in the story starter tell you something about what the objects are?

Why do you think people misunderstand the man?

How do you think he feels about the objects he possesses?

Where do you think the man lives?


Perfect picture!

Can you draw what might hatch from the magical eggs?


Story starter!

He carries them around with him everywhere. People often misunderstand him. People misunderstand the power he possesses.

A year ago, he found them deep inside a cave he’d stumbled across in Bulgaria, surrounded by a vast pile of ash from a fire that had long gone out but still gently smoking.

To protect them, he stores them in an egg box, which is a great way of deceiving people, but it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out…


Or you might prefer to write about this picture – UNDERNEATH!

Question time!

Who is the boy and why do you think he is bored?

What do you think he has with him in the boat?

What do you think his family are like?

Where do you think their home is?

Who do you think lives in the city under the ground?

Why do you think the boy has never seen the people who live there before?

Why do they live underground?

Is there anything peculiar about the sea or the tree that is next to it?

What do you think is about to happen to the boy?


Story starter!

On the surface, everything looked ordinary.

The boy in the boat was bored. He had lived beside this boring river with his boring family for his whole boring life. Nothing unexpected ever seemed to happen to him. He often went to bed at night and wished for something exciting in his life.

Little did he know, underneath the ground he walked on and the river he rowed his boat on, a marvellous, mysterious, magical menagerie of life stirred.

His life was about to become a lot more interesting…


Remember to send me your amazing pictures and writing.


This week it is Recycle Awareness Week.

It would be great if you could create a poster either on the computer or on paper to encourage people to recycle.

I have also added a link to a recycling scavenger hunt. You need to find what the different recycling symbols mean and where you might find them.


I have also attached a fun Recycling board game that you might like to play with your family or even better you could design and make your own game.

Have an amazing week and I can’t wait to see everything that you have been upto this week. Mrs Barr x