Parrots Home learning Week beginning 8th June 2020

I hope you have all had a lovely and busy week, although the weather took a turn for the worst!

I didn’t receive any work to share on the blog but I am sure you all have been super busy cracking on with some of the tasks. I look forwards to seeing what you all got up to soon.


In Maths this week we are going to be linking our fractions work from last week to decimals. Again we will be using the White Rose Maths resources. You can follow this link and then use the hyper links to get the matching worksheets.

Lesson 1: 


Worksheet: Lesson-1-Tenths-as-decimals-2019-1

Lesson 2:



Worksheet: Lesson-2-Dividing-2-digits-by-10-2019

Lesson 3:

Worksheet: Lesson-3-Hundredths-as-decimals-2019

Lesson 4:

Worksheet: Lesson-4-Dividing-1-and-2-digits-by-a-hundred-2019

Good luck with the maths and if you need any help please send me a quick email and I will get back to you –


English: View from the cockpit

Question time!

Have you ever been on a plane? If so, can you describe what it feels like?

If you have not, can you use your imagination to describe what it might be like?

What other modes of transport have you been on? Which was your favourite/least favourite?

Is there a mode of transport you would like to experience in the future?

How do you think the world was different before flying was invented?

How do you think transport will change in the future?


Perfect picture!

Can you design your own mode of transport? It could be used in the past, present or future.


Story starter!

“There is no better feeling in the world than being up here” the pilot thought to himself. He pressed a series of buttons, ensuring the aircraft was on the right course, and sat back in his seat to enjoy the view. The sight that met his eyes never ceased to amaze him, no matter how many times he had done this flight…

Can you describe what you could see if you looked out of the cockpit window?

Alternatively, you could write a description of what it feels like to fly?

You could even write a story in the first person as the plane itself, embarking on an exciting journey.


Creative Activities:

In America on 8th June 2020 it is Best Friend’s Day. I thought it might be nice for you to think about your best friend/s this week as you might not have been them for quite a while.

Can you draw a picture of them/write a poem about them/create a poster to celebrate why they are your best friend/write a letter to them.  You might wish to do something else about them which is absolutely fine. All that is important is that you spend time thinking about your best friend and celebrating what makes them such an amazing friend.

I can’t wait to see your amazing work.


Topic: Summer

This week we are going to continue with our topic of Summer. How did you get on with creating some Summer art work?

This week I would like to research a place/country you would like to visit if you could this Summer. It would be great if you could produce a leaflet/booklet all about your chosen place and it could then be used to encourage other people to visit your chosen place.

I look fowards to seeing what research you have completed and if you send your work to me I will publish it on the blog.


Have an amazing week and I will see you all soon. Mrs E Barr x


Parrots Home Learning 1st June 2020

I hope you all had a nice half term and made the most of the glorious weather.


This week in Maths we will be continuing with our work on Fractions. Follow the link to the White Rose Maths resources. I will attach the necessary worksheets below.

Worksheets to help you:

Monday: Lesson-1-Add-2-or-more-fractions-2019

Tuesday: Lesson-2-Subtract-2-fractions-2019

Wednesday: Lesson-3-Fractions-of-a-quantity-2019

Thursday: Lesson-4-Calculate-quantities-2019

Remember that you can send me your Maths work and I will publish it on the Blog.


English: GRAVITY

Let’s get started thinking about this picture with these questions:

If you lived here how would life be different?

It is thought that one day it may be possible to live in on another planet. What do you think about this?

Is it a good idea? Why do you think humans are looking for ways to live in space or on another planet?

How does gravity work? How do we overcome gravity?

If living in space, how would you manage to do everyday things like brushing your teeth?


Perfect picture!

Can you draw what a classroom in space would look like? You could then include this in your diary entry.


Story starter!

Month: June Year: 3015

Dear diary,

It has now been 2 years since we moved here. Leaving Earth was tough, but we are beginning to feel more at home with every single week that passes.

When we came to our new home, we were allowed to bring everything with us from our Earth homes. It still feels a bit strange though. Life without gravity really takes some getting used to!

Can you continue the diary?

What is gravity? Can you include descriptions of what it is like to live without it?

Where is it that you now live? How is it different from your previous life? How do you spend your time? Do you prefer living in your new home?


Story writing

Could you write a new story about a character who went to live in space? You could write it as a cartoon strip, a short story for a younger child or a longer story with chapters. I can’t wait to read what you have created.


Creative activities:

This week in school we are all starting a topic on Summer. It would be lovely if you could join us by creating some amazing Summer activities. I would love it if you could create some unique Summer artwork. You could use a variety of media, ie: paint, crayons, chalk or even create a collage of different materials.

Have are a few ideas to help you get started.

Remember to send me some photos of your artwork so I can share it on the blog.

Have an amazing week and I will see you all very soon. Mrs Barr


Parrot’s Home Learning week beginning 18th May 2020

Did you all have a great week last week? How did you get on with your area and perimeter work? Did you write a letter as a soldier on VE day? I would love to see some of your work, so ask your parents to email it to me.


In Maths this week we are concentrating on fractions, in particular equivalent fractions. Follow the link to the White Rose Maths resources .

English tasks:

On the 12th May it was World Limerick day. World Limerick Day celebrates the birthday of Edward Lear, on the 12th May 1812, and his limericks. It’s a great opportunity to share in some nonsense poetry with your child at home, to read and write some funny poems together and to embrace silliness with the famous five-line poem that we call the limerick.

This limerick should make you laugh, or certainly smile!

There was an Old Man with a beard,

Who said, ‘It is just as I feared!

Two Owls and a Hen,

Four Larks and a Wren,

Have all built their nests in my beard!’

Can you write a few of your own limericks? Remember that:

  • Lines 1, 2 and 5 must rhyme with each other and have between 7-10 syllables with the same rhythm.

  • Lines 3 and 4 must rhyme with each other and have 5-7 syllables with the same rhythm

See if you can add some illustrations to it too that would be great.

Today’s Pobble 365 picture is Jurassic.

Question time!

How do you think Tim is feeling?

What has caused the jeep to stop moving?

Why is he all alone and being chased by a dinosaur?

Are there other dinosaurs or people close by?

How will Tim manage to escape?

If you could bring back the dinosaurs, would you?

Might it be possible to bring them back one day?


Story starter!

The engine screamed as the wheels spun round. His heart pounded. Tim knew that he only had seconds to act.

There was a long, moss-covered log wedged underneath the jeep, preventing it from moving. The wheels continued to spin pointlessly, smoke starting to billow out from underneath the bonnet.

A terrifying roar filled his ears, and he knew the monster was right behind him. He could feel the ground shake beneath him as its gigantic feet collided with the ground. He knew what would happen if it caught him, and muttered a prayer beneath his breath.

Tim suddenly found himself lunging forward. He realised that the wheels must finally have found some traction, and he breathed out with relief as he sped off onto the path once again; the wheels of the jeep content to be chewing up the firm gravel once again.

The chase was back on, and the T-Rex let out another blood-chilling roar, determined not to let its prey escape…

Can you continue the story?

Perfect picture!

Imagine you are in charge of designing a dinosaur theme park. Can you design a visual plan? Think carefully about making it safe for the public and the dinosaurs.


Other fun activities:

The 18th May 2020 is the start of National Smile Month.

Follow the link to get on the National Smile Month website

There are lots of fun activities – could you do the Sugar Swap Challenge, take part in the Smiley Singalong, read and write poems to smile along to or could you design a poster to encourage good oral health? I’d love to see all the great things you have done. Spend them to my email address and I will post them on the blog.

Have a super week and I can’t wait to see everything that you have been up to. Stay safe and we will see you very soon. Mrs Barr 🙂

What have you been up to this week?

Karl has been a very busy boy over the last few weeks. He has been reading all about the Moon, sun and space and has been using his comprehension skills to answer some really tricky questions.

It’s great to see that Karl has been practising his key word spellings too. Can you now apply these in your writing Karl?

Last week Karl has also been  learning all about VE day. He worked well with Theo to colour some VE day pictures and bunting. They then used them to decorate their windows and house. I hope you had a lovely day celebrating Karl.

Week beginning 11th May 2020 – Home Learning suggestions

I hope you all had a great week last week and were busy cracking on with lots of your learning. I didn’t receive any emails of your work or things you have been up to put onto your blog, so remember to remind your parents to send photos/work to me so I can put them on here for all your classmates to share.

Did you all have a lovely VE day? Did you make any flags, have a party with your family or hold a virtual street party? Maybe you could send me some photos of what you got up to?


This week’s Maths from White Rose Maths – is concentrating on multiplication and division, perimeter and area.

You need to watch the Powerpoint/video first and then work through the set of challenges. If you are unsure, ask an adult to help you.

Remember to keep practicing your Timetable Rock stars. It is really important that you are able to answer all times table and division questions quickly and accurately, as it will help you in all areas of your Math learning.


As Friday 8th May 2020 marked 75 years since VE day,  I would like you to pretend you were a British solider from the time and write a letter/diary to a loved one of how you felt when you heard the amazing news that the war was over. You could try and tea stain your letter to make it look like it was from 75 years ago.

Another English/History task could be to use the internet to research VE day and create a fact file on paper or using a computer of what is means and why we still commemorate it today.


This week is Christian Aid week. Could you use the website to research why we have Christian Aid week and who/what benefits from the money that we donate?


Have a great week everyone and remember you can email me if you require any support with your learning. Mrs E Barr x


More exciting home learning activities

How have you all been getting on the White Rose Maths lessons this week?

Here is the link to this week’s lessons –

This week it is focusing on Multiplication and division. Remember if you are finding this too difficult you can try the year 3 lessons.

Friday 1st May was Space Day. Could you use the internet to research  some exciting facts about Space and write a fact-file/report about what you have learnt. Maybe you are feeling creative and you could make a 3D model of a planet. If you could ask your parents to email me the reports/ photographs as I would love to read/see them.

Here are some non-screen activities. How many can you complete this week? I’m going to see how many I can complete and I will let you know next week.

Purple Mash Activities:

I have also added a few spelling and maths fun activities onto your 2 Do list on Purple Mash. How quick are you now getting at recalling all the times tables? Remember to save any work you have done in your file and then I can have a look and maybe put some of it onto the Blog for your friends to look at.

What are you going to do to stay active this week?

You can try a Joe Wicks work out or some Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube.

Have a great week Parrots and I can’t wait to hear all about what you have been up to. You can ask your parents to email me or write a comment on here.  See you soon Mrs E Barr

The end of another week!

I hope you have all had a lovely week and are all staying safe. I would love to know what you have been up to.

Gracie has been a very busy girl this week! She’s baked (and washed up), changed her own bed linen and has written a letter to the NHS staff at Bolton hospital and sent chocolates too.

I’ve loved seeing what you have been up to Gracie. If anyone else would like to email me what you’ve been up to ask your parents to send me an email.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and stay in and stay safe.

Mrs Barr x

Try something new while on lockdown!

Home Learning

Hi Parrots!! I hope you are all keeping well. I know it seems a long time since you were last in school and hope you are not missing your friends and teachers too much!!

You have probably all managed to complete your Reading and Maths work books and so I am going to add a few more tasks that you might like to work through each day while at home.


Follow this link to take you to the White Rose Maths Home Learning site: This week’s focus is on fractions and decimals. You show play the short power point and the work through the questions.



For English could you write a thank you letter to the NHS to say a huge thank you for everything they are doing at the moment to help our country?


Remember to keep all your exciting pieces of work and then we can share them when we are back in school.

Keep safe and see you all soon 🙂